Administration Organization

Central Office Staff

Superintendents Office

Dr. Matthew Harris, Superintendent

Mr. Scott Inglese, Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Beverly Formato, Administrative Specialist/Web Manager

Ms. Colleen Kelly, Administrative Support Specialist

Business Office

Mr. Brett Lago, Business Manager/Board Secretary

Ms. Megan Massarelli, Business Office Specialist

Ms. Carol Davis, Payroll Specialist

Ms. Carol Smolka, Business Office Specialist

Ms. Peggy Juliane, HR Specialist

Ms. Carrie Rausch, Business Office Support Specialist

Student Learning Supports

Mr. Greg Karazsia, Director of Student Learning Supports

Ms. Anita Barber, Student Services Specialist

Dr. Wendy Westwood, School Psychologist

Dr. Jodi DiMiceli, School Psychologist

Title IX Coordinator

Peggy Juliane, Coordinator
Business Office 724-744-2121, ext. 2

Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Evaluation

The PTSD superintendent and assistant superintendent are evaluated on the following 8 categories: Relationship with Board, Educational Leadership, Business and Finances, Staff/Personnel Relations, Student Responsibilities, Student Growth and Achievement, Community Relationship, and Personal Qualities. Based on the individual cumulative scores of each board member, the average rating is 3.9 out of 4.0

The PTSD superintendent and assistant superintendent are evaluated on the following 3 categories for Achievement of Goals: Goals for High Performance, Goals for Low Cost, and Overall Strategy for Student Achievement.

The goals for high performance include: PSSA results, Keystone Exam results, PVAAS (Student Growth) results, and the State Profile. Due to the performance of the students during the 2017-2018 school year, the board rated the superintendent and assistant superintendent a 34.72 out of 40.

The goals for Low Cost involved the superintendent and assistant superintendent maintain the school mission, which is effective, efficient, and quality education. Our district was the second lowest cost per pupil in the county and bottom five percent of the state. They were rated a 29.10 out of 30 points.

The Overall Strategy for Student Achievement included the following 5 categories: Graduation Rate, Attendance Rate, Career/SAP Goal, Reading Goal, and 21st Century Goal. Based on the results of the 017-2018 school year, the superintendent and assistant superintendent were rated 28.01 out of 30 possible points.

The overall performance of the superintendent and assistant superintendent was a Satisfactory Performance.