Bus Schedules 2017-18

 Location  Office Phone
First Student  Bus Garage Office
Penn-Trafford School District Transportation Office 724-744-4496, ext 5

 Important:  Please make sure your house number is visible so our drivers stop at the correct house/address.  Thank you!

Bus Information

(The pick up and drop off times on these rosters are approximate and were put in place for the first week of school.  If you would like a definite time for a bus stop, please call the transportation department 724-744-4496, option #5 or First Student 724-863-1185.)

Rules and Reminders

Student safety while riding school buses is a shared responsibility between students, parents, bus drivers, and school officials.  Since riding a school bus is a privilege, students are required to follow rules.  Failing to cooperate may result in parents having to provide transportation.  Cameras are in operation on buses for safety purposes.

Reminder to all motorists:  It is a violation for a vehicle to pass a school bus while the red lights are flashing!

Here are some additional reminders for students in order to maintain safety:

  • Ride only the bus to which you are assigned.  Board and get off at your designated stop.  In extreme emergencies, only the principal may authorize a change.
  • Wait quietly at the bus stop, off the road and away from traffic
  • Board buses in an orderly fashion and quickly select or proceed to your assigned seat.  Bus seats are designed for three (3) students to a seat.  Do not reserve seats for friends.
  • Talk quietly so the driver is able to hear traffic sounds.  Talking is not permitted when the bus is at a railroad crossing.
  • Get permission before opening windows and keep hands, head, books, and other articles inside the bus.
  • Stay seated at all times and stand only when the bus comes to a complete stoop.
  • Keep the aisles clear.
  • Do not hit or push other students.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Students should arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled arribal fo the bus.
  • Arrival times of the bus may vary according to weather and traffic conditions.
  • Thank you for your cooperation!!

Due to scheduling, buses will not wait for students!