April 2021 Students of the Month

The Penn-Trafford School Board has been honoring "Students of the Month"  for approximately 10 years.  Students are selected by their school principals for being exceptional in some way...whether for earning top grades, showing strong leadership, exhibiting kindness, or for some other notable reason.  The school board enjoys meeting and shaking hands with the selected students at the monthly school board meeting; however, COVID-19 has altered our Students of the Month program for the unforeseeable future.  In lieu of honoring these students at a public meeting, we have elected to honor students here, on our website.  Please join us in recognizing these EXCELLENT students!

Sunrise Estates Elementary School

Mia Mastro is a 5th grade student at Sunrise Estates Elementary School.   She exemplifies qualities that catch the attention of school staff daily.  “Mia is an academically strong student with equally strong leadership skills,” commented Mrs. Hawk, 5th grade teacher; “She leads by example and isn't afraid to speak up when she disagrees with something or when she doesn't understand something.   Mia's manners and respectful behavior shine through on a daily basis.”  Mrs. Guerrieri, 5th grade teacher, said, “Mia is a sweet student who is always willing to help her teacher or peers.  She is a hard worker and is always putting forth her best effort.”  Miss Pratt, a 5th grade teacher stated, “Mia is a hardworking go-getter in the classroom and a friend to all outside of the classroom.”  Dr. Coiner, principal, feels that Mia is extremely well deserving of this award, commenting that “Mia embodies the traits we look for in a student when selecting our student of the month.  We are honored to have her represent Sunrise as the Student of the Month.”

Harrison Park Elementary School

David Lydic is a 3rd grader at Harrison Park Elementary School.  He takes extreme pride in his classwork and does everything that is asked of him.  He follows directions and asks questions if he doesn't understand.  He is a very polite young man.  David has quiet confidence, which is very refreshing for someone his age.  He's always the first one to help another student and his kind acts are noticed by all. He's well liked by his classmates and comes to school each day with a smile. David always has a kind greeting first thing in the morning for everyone! 

According to Principal Jeff Swartz, “David’s love for school, his family, and his friends exemplify the wonderful characteristics of being an outstanding Penn-Trafford Warrior!

Trafford Middle School

Olivia Clothier is an 8th grade student at Trafford Middle School.  Her teachers all agree that she is an excellent student and is a very compassionate, respectful and kind person who is eager to help others - whether to assist classmates with assignments or help teachers to clean and sanitize desks.  Olivia works hard despite the fact that her talents and intelligence could allow her to be successful without her fullest efforts.  She is an exceptional student whose work is thorough and neat, and communicated effectively. Olivia is mature, communicates well with peers and adults, and is a leader by example. 

“It is a pleasure to have Olivia at Trafford Middle School,” said Principal Roger Sullivan; “Congratulations on your selection as Student of the Month, Olivia!”

Penn-Trafford High School

Jacob Barreuther is a 10th grader at Penn-Trafford High School.  Jacob began his Penn-Trafford career this past fall.  He did well moving into a new school and maintaining a positive attitude.  

Jacob quickly became an asset to the school’s coffee shop.  He has also taken responsibility for delivering drinks/snacks to the administration, nurse, and athletic department.  Jacob works in the mailroom sorting the staff’s daily mail.  He is also helpful in the classroom during activities, always wanting to lend a helping hand.  Jacob was recently accepted into the Logistics program at CWCTC.  He will begin in the Fall of 2021.  “Jacob will be missed in the coffee shop, but we are sure he will be successful in this program and gain valuable experience for future employment,” said Principal Tony Aquilio.  “Congratulations Jacob!”