McCullough Students Wage Battle of the Books (5-25-21)

The second-grade classes at McCullough Elementary School participated in a Mini Battle of the Books.  Students formed teams that read seven books and were then quizzed on the books and their authors.  The battle took place in the school’s library and had a camping theme. 

The top three teams were:

  • First Place - “Cool Kids” from Mrs. Babik's class (Garrett Cass, Mathis Kline, Connor Stewart, and Adalyn Jackson)
  • Second Place - “Cool Kids Rock” from Mrs. Coleman's class (Callie Sheehy, Stella Gefert, and Anthony Nied)
  • Third Place - “Robotic Team” from Mrs. Babik's class (Tobias Taylor, Lily Smith, Jonah Kottelich, and Stella Baumunk)