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School Board

The Penn-Trafford School Board
Front Row: Mr. Matarazzo, Mr. Petrucci, Mr. Leonard, Mrs. Ising, Mr. Niemiec
Back Row: Dr. Koscho, Dr. Kline, Mr. Kochasic, Mr. Stovar
Mrs. Toni Ising III 2021-25 [email protected]
Dr. Bryan Kline II 2021-25 [email protected]
Mr. Philip Kochasic III 2023-27 [email protected]
Dr. Scott Koscho I 2023-27 [email protected]
Mr. Dallas Leonard II 2023-27 [email protected]
Mr. Jim Matarazzo III 2023-27 [email protected]
Mr. Rich Niemiec II 2021-25 [email protected]
Mr. Nick Petrucci I 2023-27 [email protected]
Mr. Martin Stovar I 2021-25 [email protected]
Board Secretary:  Mr. Brett Lago
At Penn-Trafford, no president has ever succeeded him/herself because they've always believed in putting education first instead of their own ambitions.
1973 Edward Sadler
1974 Richard Rizzardi
1975 Paul Reidmiller
1976 Patsy Ferraro
1977 James Fordyce
1978 Richard Rizzardi
1979 Jeffrey Leech
1980 John Hajduk
1981 Richard Rizzardi
1982 Paul Reidmiller
1983 Martin Schneider
1984 Nick Petrucci
1985 Richard Rizzardi
1986 John Hajduk
1987 Albert Baird
1988 Martin Schneider
1989 Nick Petrucci
1990 Richard Rizzardi
1991 John Hajduk
1992 Albert Baird
1993 Helen Nelson
1994 Nick Petrucci
1995 Sallie Bradley
1996 Dominick Frollini
1997 Anthony Casino
1998 Albert Baird
1999 Lawrence Wojcik
2000 Helen Nelson
2001 Dennis Holodnak
2002 Nick Petrucci
2003 Jeff Wetzler
2004 Dominick Frollini
2005 Sallie Bradley
2006 Nick Petrucci
2007 Jeff Wetzler
2008 John Willforth
2009 Philip Kochasic
2010 Bruce Newell
2011 Dallas Leonard
2012 Scott Koscho
2013 Jay Tray
2014 Toni Ising
2015 Rich Niemiec
2016 Nick Petrucci
2017 Martin Stovar
2018 Philip Kochasic
2019 Scott Koscho
2020 Toni Ising
2021 Jim Matarazzo
2022 Dallas Leonard
2023 Nick Petrucci
2024 Martin Stovar
District Map
The Penn-Trafford School District is comprised of all lands that lie within the municipal boundaries of Penn Township, Penn Borough, and portions of Jeannette City, Manor Borough, Trafford Borough in Westmoreland County, and Trafford Borough in Allegheny County.
You can access Board Meeting agendas and minutes on our BoardDocs link:  BoardDocs
For board meeting minutes prior to the 2019-2020 school year, please CLICK HERE.
2024 Board Meetings
All meetings are held at Penn-Trafford High School, Room 106/107, unless otherwise noted.
Info/Committee Meetings Regular Board Meetings
none Monday, Jan. 8
none Monday, Feb. 5
none Monday, Mar. 4
Monday, Apr. 8 Monday, Apr. 15
Monday, May 6 Monday, May 13
Monday, Jun. 3 Monday, Jun. 10
No meetings in July
Monday, Aug. 5 Monday, Aug. 12
Monday, Sept. 9 Monday, Sept. 16
none Monday, Oct. 7
none Monday, Nov. 4
none Tuesday, Dec. 3
The following Committee Meetings will take place at Penn-Trafford High School Room 106/107 and are open to the public.   * These meetings will NOT be streamed on YouTube.
March 4, 2024 - Budget and Finance Committee Meeting, 4:30 pm
March 4, 2024 - Buildings and Grounds Committee Meeting, 7:45 pm
Public Welcome

Speaking at the Meetings 
Anyone wishing to address the Board must register in advance no later than 12:00 noon on the Friday preceding the meeting.  Details will be posted on the website homepage the week prior to meetings.  Please contact [email protected] with questions.

Procedure for Audience Recognition

  1. You must state your name, address, and group affiliation if any.
  2. Your statement will be limited to three minutes in duration.
  3. All statements shall be directed to the president and no participant may address or question a board member individually.
  4. You may be interrupted if your statement is too lengthy, personally direct, abusive, obscene, or irrelevant.
  5. Your name will be called in the order in which you signed up.
School Board Meetings are live-streamed at PT Youtube unless otherwise noted.  

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