Penn Trafford High School Alumni Hall of Fame

Mission Statement

The Penn Trafford High School Alumni Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization established by committee to recognize and pay tribute to Penn Trafford High School Alumni living or deceased, who have brought honor, distinction, and pride to the Penn Trafford School District through their achievements, accomplishments, and contributions.


Inaugural Class of 2020

The Penn Trafford High School Alumni Hall of Fame is proud to announce the selected members of the Inaugural Class of 2020:

Gregory S. Ager
Deacon Dan Frescura
Jennifer Casino Haberberger
Regis Holden
John W. Mochnick
Reynold A. Peduzzi
John M. Pultan
David S. Richards
Terri Lee Johnson Roberts
 Alan J. Rudick
Nancy J. Wallis
Paul Zeise


The Alumni HOF banquet rescheduled for June 20, 2020 has once again been postponed. The new date is Saturday March 27, 2021.  PTHSAHOF Final Event Date Change Notification Letter

Alumni Hall of Fame Nominee Application


A completed nomination form will include this form along with your reason for nominating the person. Your narrative should include an outline description of the nominee’s life, accomplishments, and any other items that you are aware of and able to provide at this time. Once your nomination is received and reviewed by the committee, we will personally notify the individual for his or her acceptance and request more detailed information from them. We ask that all nominations are submitted in this manner to keep everything in equal order.  Here are several suggested items that may help you in writing your narrative:

  • Education or Training
  • Significant Achievements
  • Awards and/or Honors
  • Memberships
  • Professional Experience
  • Family History (optional)
  • Pictures and any other important information

Your completed nomination form and supporting documentation must be submitted by October 1st.  Please mail to:

Penn-Trafford School District

1006 Harrison City/Export Road

PO Box 530

Harrison City, PA 15636

Attn: Penn Trafford High School Alumni Hall of Fame


PTHS Alumni Hall of Fame has received some startup donations from alumni and seeks additional start up money to enable success of its mission.  Your donation would be greatly appreciated.  To view organization website, please visit Penn Trafford High School website link: .  Donations can also be mailed to PTHSAHF, 1006 Harrison City/Export Road PO Box 530 Harrison City, PA 15636.

Also, donations can be made to the link below.

gofundme link

Officers and Committee

David Patosky, President / Executive Director (Chair)

Jim Ungerman, Vice President/ Assistant Director

Anita Petrini, Executive Secretary (vice chair)

Susan Wojcik, Executive Treasurer                                                                     

Virginia McCracken Stump, Philanthropist/Fundraising                                                                 

Karl Weiss, Publication Director / News

Jorg Holden Bulebosh, Banquet and Planning Officer

Alan Rudick, Member at Large

Dan Cortazzo, Member at Large

Dave Capozzi, Member at Large

Ray Peduzzi, Advisor