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Volunteering in Schools

A volunteer is a person who services the district without compensation on a planned and approved basis.  All volunteers must submit the following clearances:

Day-To-Day Volunteers 

While we encourage parent participation in our schools, please be aware that to volunteer for the Penn-Trafford School District you must have current Act 34/PA Criminal History, Act 151/Child Abuse, and Act 114/Federal Fingerprint. Your initial clearances must have been obtained within one year of the date that you would be volunteering in the school. Once you receive your clearances, they will remain in effect for five years per Act 153. At the end of the five years, you must obtain new clearances if you want to continue your role as a volunteer. 

For volunteer roles that do not entail direct supervision of students (ex: school parties, lunchroom), we will accept the Act 114 Waiver in lieu of the fingerprint clearance.  

Chaperone / Coach

The roles of chaperone and coach include direct supervision of students, and therefore the Act 114 Waiver cannot be accepted.  You must have current Act 34 (PA Criminal History), Act 151 (Child Abuse), and Act 114 (Federal Fingerprints).  

When you receive your clearances, please take them to the school office so the secretary can make a copy for their file. If you have a record, please make an appointment with your child’s principal to discuss it. Minor incidents that do not hinder the welfare of a child do not prevent one from becoming a volunteer.

District Volunteer Policies

Additional Information

Question: If a parent comes into the class to do a presentation, do they need to have clearances?
Answer: The parent will not need clearances because they are not working with a child. They are serving as the guest of the teacher and will not take a supervisory role or be alone with a child.
Question: If a parent or grandparent wants to attend a school play or Breakfast With Your Child Day, do they need to have their clearances?
Answer: The attendee will not need clearances because they were invited by the school to either watch their child perform or socialize with their child as they eat. The attendee in this case is not volunteering and there will be staff members in charge of supervision.
Question: If a parent is scheduled to be on recess duty once a month, do they need clearances?
Answer: They need their clearances because they are performing a service where they have direct access to children.
Question: If a parent volunteers for only the Fun Day event at the end of the year, do the need clearances?
Answer: They will still need their clearances because they are working with or supervising children.
Question: If a parent receives their clearances but can no longer volunteer to finish out the year because of family emergencies, do they need new clearances during the following year?
Answer: The parent will not need new clearances until the end of the three year time period expires. The clearances are good for three years from the time that the parent receives them.
Question: If a parent has a retail theft conviction, will they be able to volunteer?
Answer: The parent will still be able to volunteer as only records for items under PA Title 18 Consolidated Statutes or equivalent crime in another state, territory, commonwealth, or foreign nation prevent you from volunteering for an organization.
Question: Why do we have to obtain clearances to volunteer in our schools?
Answer: It is a requirement of the state mandated PA Act 153.
Question: When do the clearances expire?
Answer: The clearances expire five years from the date that is listed on their clearances.
Question: If I received my clearances on August 15, 2020 to start the school year, do I need to get them again?
Answer: The clearances expire five years from the date that is listed on the clearance so you will not need them until August 15, 2025.
Question: If one of my clearances has expired, will I be able to volunteer?
Answer: You will not be able to volunteer as the district’s policy requires all 3 clearances, or 2 clearances and a waiver for the fingerprints if you are a ten-year consecutive resident of the state of PA.